Senator Hotels & Resorts will open its first hotel on the Valencian coast

On Friday 23 November 2018, the hotel chain Senator Hotels & Resorts presented, to the media and representatives of the sector, their new hotel planned to open in Gandía. Located in the beach area, the establishment will be the chain’s first on the Valencian coast and the second under the “Caleia Hotels” brand.

The presentation ceremony, attended by the Mayoress of Gandía and the Urban Planning Coordinator, detailed the characteristics of this new, four-star, superior establishment, which will have 13 floors, 200 rooms (of which 30 will be suites), a 500 m2 spa, gymnasium and cafeteria at street level. In addition, it will enjoy an excellent location, within a residential area, also newly built, with green areas very close to the beach.

The establishment will be the third to come under the Caleia Hotels line, which, according to representatives of the chain, encompasses accommodation recommended for adults in which the avant-garde, design, functionality, comfort and gastronomy are their hallmark. Among the attributes of Caleia Gandía Spa Hotel, the team of architects in charge of the project also wanted to highlight the innovative character of its design, which will set the building apart from the rest of the hotels in the area. Regarding its construction, start of works is scheduled for February 2019 and it is estimated that they will last a maximum of 2 years.

The opening of this new hotel in Gandía has had a positive impact and has been very well received by the local residents, who see how the increased and diversified availability of hotel accommodation in their city, helps to boost the already excellent occupancy figures that characterize this holiday destination.

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