RENHATA 2020 PLAN: New public grants to renovate your home

The Generalitat’s (Regional Government’s) Interior Home Renovation Plan – RENHATA Plan returns for yet another year with financial aid to renovate kitchens and bathrooms and to improve accessibility to homes.

After weeks of confinement at home, we have become more aware of what we would like to improve in our homes; that’s why it is time to carry out that kitchen or bathroom remodelling that you have thought about so many times. Perhaps you need to remodel the interior of your house to make it more accessible, in which case we can advise you by preparing a study of adaptability for your house taking into account mobility, security and tailoring the design for each specific client, without sacrificing comfort and aesthetics.

Moratal Palomino architects are experts collaborating with the RENHATA Plan; we offer a comprehensive housing renovation service, including interior design, project drafting and the processing of grants etc. Please don’t hesitate to contact us and we will offer you personal advice without obligation.

Take a look at our renovation projects here (Link reform and interior design projects).

Would you like more information about the Renhata Plan?


You can view the full specification (in Spanish) on the Diari oficial de la Generalitat Valenciana ( For now, we have summarized and translated the more important points for your ease of understanding:

ORDER 3/2020, 24 April, from the Second Vice Presidency and the Department of Housing and Bioclimatic Architecture, which approve the base rules for the granting of subsidies for the improvement of the conditions of the interior of the houses within the framework of the Interior Home Renovation Plan, Renhata Plan. [2020/3106]

What works are eligible?

1. Renovation of wet rooms (kitchens and bathrooms), in order to update them to current habitation and sustainability conditions.
2. Refurbishment of the house to adapt it to make its use possible for people with functional diversity and reduced mobility, including the widening of the circulation spaces of the house, the changing of doors and the installation of acoustic or light signals, where appropriate.
3. Installation of integrated home automation systems to improve accessibility and autonomy in the use of the home, for people with functional diversity or reduced mobility.

Requirements for aid

1. The building must be over 20 years old at the time of application. It is not be necessary to comply with this condition where the home is being adapted for people with functional diversity with a degree of disability greater than 33% or for people over 70 years of age registered on the Padron.
2. That the home is intended for the habitual and permanent residence of the owners, tenants or usufructuaries (beneficial owners). To be considered for accreditation you must be registered on the Padron (Local Authority register/census) before applying.

Protectable budget

The protectable budget of the renovation works will not be less than 2,000 euros, except where adapting homes for registered people with functional diversity with a degree of disability greater than 33% or those over 70 years old, nor greater than 12,000 euros, independent of the actual estimate for the works that may be higher.

Type and amount of aid

1. A basic grant, for all applicants who meet the requirements to receive assistance and provide all the required documentation, of 5% of the work’s protected budget up to a maximum of 600 €.
2. A first additional subsidy, depending on the points obtained in the scale, of up to 35% with a maximum of 4,200 €.
3. A second additional subsidy depending on the points obtained, based on sustainability criteria, of up to 1,200 €.

Scaling criteria

1. Dependent upon the construction quality according to the cadastral category of the house:
– In homes with cadastral construction category 7, 8 or 9: 10 points.
– In homes with cadastral construction category 6: 8 points.
– In homes with cadastral construction category 5: 5 points.
– In homes with cadastral construction category 4: 3 points.
– In homes with cadastral construction category 1, 2, or 3: 1 point.

2. Depending on the degree of disability of the Padron Registered occupant of the dwelling:
– Degree of disability equal to or greater than 33% and less than 65%: 3 points.
– Degree of disability equal to or greater than 65%: 5 points.

When can you apply for the aid?

The works may already be completed at the time of the application or, at most, within a period of 6 months from the day following the date of publication in the Diari Oficial de la Generalitat Valenciana of the resolution granting the aid.
Processing: Will be telematic through the GVA website and will be carried out by a collaborating technician.
Source (translated): Diari oficial de la Generalitat Valenciana


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