The rebirth of the Raval de Gandia area thanks to the ARRUR Plan

The area known as El Raval de Gandia will have 2.6 million euros designated to the renovation of more than a hundred homes and the regeneration of various public spaces.

These grants are part of the ARRUR Housing Plan (Areas of Urban Regeneration and Renovation) that the Gandia local authority applied for last May. This is the largest sum awarded to the city in relation to housing in the last decade and the highest of those to have been granted in this round.

Of the total of 2.6 million euros, the Ministry contributes 1,246,000 euros, the Conselleria (Regional Ministry) 215,000 euros while the Local Authority will make a contribution of 300,000 euros. In addition, the property owners are expected to contribute 800,000 euros. In relation to this last sum, the Mayoress of Gandia, Diana Morant, has announced that financing mechanisms will be made available to the owners so that this cost as fairly distributed and equitable as possible.

How the Raval de Gandia will be regenerated
The intervention will significantly improve the image of one of the most emblematic and oldest neighbourhoods in Gandia. This district is a very old residential area suffering with accessibility, climate comfort and energy efficiency problems that this grant will help to remedy.

Aside from the refurbishment of residential properties, the aid also allows for the co-financing of works that incorporate professional, commercial and tertiary activities within the neighbourhood that will contribute toward reinvigorating its productive fabric.

In addition, ARRUR also incorporates a significant investment in urban improvement and landscape integration of public areas. In this way, the ARRUR is proposing works on Calle Pare Ferris or Morán Roda, together with the necessary oxygenation of the Raval Social Centre through the creation of a small public square or open area.

Diana Morant stressed that Gandia is one of four cities selected by the Ministry of the 20 municipalities that applied and for this reason she wanted to convey special thanks to the technical team of the Urban Planning department that presented the project and who have already proven their ability to undertake projects of this type with works done in El Grupo Porta, Simancas and Santa Anna.

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